A mother’s death   and that of her baby begins a chain of disruption, economic loss,  and  pain   that, far too often,  leaves behind  orphans  with  their  loss  of   educational  and   life  opportunities and a deepening cycle of poverty  for  her family,

Gambian women have a lifetime risk of 1 in 39 of  dying in childbirth. This is too high.


CAT had been supporting a girl student since she was 6 years old. In 2013 She graduated from High School with straight A’s and won a scholarship to The College of Nursing & Midwifery but her family were poor and could not afford the cost. CAT stepped in and so began our bursary program.

Gambia, like many countries including the UK, has a chronic shortage  of  midwives.




Fatou, age 5, suffered awful burns in a village fire. Castellan brought her back to the UK for plastic surgery in 2003 when she was headline news  in  local papers.




Years later and Fatou is now a teenager but her scar tissue had not stretched to accommodate her growth. Further surgery was needed and her ‘personal’ plastic surgeon and anaesthetist flew out with Castellan to operate.







This is BINTA an S.E.N. nurse who was desperate to train as an SRN midwife. (still the old system) With help from CAT she sat and passed her entrance exam and is now a student.






CAT helped ISATOU, already an SRN, to graduate from  The University of The Gambia with a nursing BSc degree.




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